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Dear Pet Lover,
This is Dave with Alexander’s Carpet Cleaning. Pets are wonderful…of that there can be no doubt. The unconditional love pets give their owners has enduring value. The thought of going through life without one’s prize pet(s) seems unbearable. The benefits of pet ownership are slightly offset by the sometimes-erratic behaviors and traits of individual pets. You have to take the good with the bad.

Pets Do However Leave Their Mark…
As an owner of two dogs that live in our house, I know and have experienced just about any and everything that dogs can do to a carpet. Now, I know it’s not always their fault. I am surprised at how long our labradors (Happy and Reba) can hold it. Nevertheless, there have been times I’m certain their bladders were busting before someone made it home in time to let them outside to “do their business.” Sometimes accidents happen and they let loose on the carpet! I’ve learned from experience that the urine spot on the surface is just the tip of an iceberg. In many instances, the carpet is soaked with urine clear through to the back and pad. This is where the majority of contamination issues cause problems because it’s nearly impossible to remove the deeply embedded deposits from the surface without professional help.
How many times have you NOT had friends come over because the urine odor or stains were a source of embarrassment? How many times have you said to yourself, ”as soon as I have some extra money I’m replacing this *&!*x@*!! carpet”? I know it’s embarrassing and frustrating and makes you mad that you even kept the darn lovable dog or cat.

This is Not a Hopeless Situation!
I understand not all stains & odor are from urine. I have cleaned plenty of tough to remove stains like vomit and poop. I have heard it all many times before and your situation, as the owner of a pet you love and adore, is no different than many others, including myself, that have suffered with the same frustrations and embarrassment. Here are some actual testimonies of people that I have helped and turned me into a superhero!
Here Is What Our Clients Have To Say
“I really needed my carpets cleaned. With 4 dogs in the house I had a lot of stains and odor. The carpet looks terrific and smells great. Now I don’t feel bad when my grandchildren play on the carpet. Thank you.” ~ Rita in Monroe.
“Dave solved the problem of a pet odor and urine in our brand new couch. Now we can sit on our new couch and not worry of any unpleasant smells. We definitely recommend him to others.”
~ Marcy in Flat Rock.
"We have used Alexander's Carpet Cleaning 3 or 4 times. They provide an excellent service and job well done. They really took care of the cat urine stains and the smell was gone too! Always willing to make the customer happy. The most thorough job we've ever had!" ~ Sandy in Northville
Can Your Carpet be Saved?
When I clean the urine contamination out of your carpet, it will look and smell great and you will NOT need to replace it. 
But first.....I will perform a FREE pet urine inspection, (what I like to call an audit), to determine if the pet urine stains and odor in your carpet can be cleaned & eliminated successfully. 
Get Your FREE 
Urine Inspection
The Key to Our Success is Our FREE Carpet Audit.
During your FREE Carpet Audit, we use specialized urine detection equipment to inspect and locate the spots and classify the urine contamination in one of three categories. Light – Moderate – Heavy. We then prescribe a solution based on the severity of the contamination. We are certified is solving pet stain and odor problems and have a highly successful, specific course of pet friendly treatment effective for each level of contamination.
Light Contamination – usually surface contamination that may have left a slight stain and/or odor. Normally treated successfully with a urine treatment pre-spray.
Moderate Contamination – urine has penetrated the backing and padding and usually has a more significant stain and/or odor. A specialized solution and extraction tool is used to effectively remove the urine. The carpet is then cleaned and sanitized.
Heavy Contamination – similar to moderate contamination but urine has now saturated the subfloor. This is the most severe contamination and involves the most drastic course of action including replacing contaminated pad, sealing the contaminated subfloor with our specialized odor barrier sealer then cleaning and sanitizing the carpet.
Are You a Do It Your Selfer?
Eliminate Pet Stains & Odor Like a Pro
PUPS Pet Stain & Odor Remover
May Be For You
- Watch the short video and hear what Linda has to say about her experience with PUPS Pet Stain and Odor Remover.
PUPS which stands for Pet Urine Problem Solver is a product I created as a result of seeing my customers waste a lot of their hard earned money on pet stain & odor removal products that just don't work. 

PUPS is A Powerful, Professional Strength, All Natural Product That Permanently Eliminates Pet Stains & Odor Caused by Urine, Feces & Vomit.
You may eliminate light to moderate pet stains & odor yourself, without hiring a professional carpet cleaner, when using PUPS as directed.
PUPS Has a 100% Money Back Guarantee
PUPS is available at: peturineproblemsolver.com
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